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Thinking of skipping lunch? Here’s why you shouldn’t

March 21, 2012

We all get busy during the day with work, school or just running around, and sometimes we skip lunch or eat a...shall we say, less than healthy lunch. We’ve all done it, and this post is not to make anyone feel guilty. Instead, I just wanted to provide a bit of information and a few tips to try and make sure we all eat on--or close to--a regular schedule.Almost a third of the food we eat is consumed outside of the home, so it can be tough to find well balanced meals or snacks when you’re on the run, or even just sitting at your desk. So take control of what and when you eat!By eating regularly, you will help keep your blood-sugar levels stable, help reduce “bad” cholesterol levels and lower your calorie intake. Since we’re mostly talking about lunch this month, remember that lunch can help you be more productive, since the rise in blood sugar after eating can contribute to your ability to concentrate. You know how that dip in blood sugar around 2 p.m., when you don’t eat, can make you feel tired, put you in a bad mood or make it hard to focus on what you’re doing? Try to set aside at least 20 minutes to relax and refuel. Well, at least refuel!Here are a couple of tips:

  1. Try and plan ahead. If you know you’re arriving late from work or school, keep something around that is quick and easy to cook.
  2. Cook more than you’re going to eat at any one sitting and bring the leftovers to work or school the next day. (Remember our “Hot or Cold” post?)
  3. Try and eat at set times, which can have the added benefit of preserving family unity if you can all eat together.

We have enjoyed participating in the Brown Bag Challenge this month and we hope you got a lot of good ideas that will make lunchtime more fun and tasty.

Brown-Bag Challenge

We teamed up this month with fellow food bloggers to join Food Network’s Healthy Eats’ Brown-Bag Challenge, a month-long initiative to eat consciously and save money by packing a lunch each weekday instead of eating out. Join us here and share what you’re eating on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #brownbag.

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