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The Possibilities of Eggs Are Easy To Crack with Glory Foods

May 16, 2013

Eggs are exceptional and command the month of May, which is National Egg Month. Eggs present us with countless opportunities to create dishes in ways traditional and inventive.


From apple cake to steaks, eggs are in the mix as a necessary ingredient, a beloved side or the main attraction.


Who knew such variety could be in a shell?


Eggs add texture and help showcase the flavor of Glory Foods Sensibly Seasoned Red Beans in the scrumptious Sensibly Seasoned Red Bean Frittata, which includes eggs and cheddar cheese in a dish appropriate for breakfast or ideal as a menu item served for brunch.


However, just like Glory Foods, eggs will be the guests at any meal to which they are invited. If lunch is on the menu, eggs can arrive humbly in style when served as a key, but secondary ingredient, in the Black-Eyed Pea Cakes created with Glory Foods Seasoned Southern Style Black-Eyed Peas. These savory cakes are easy to prepare and make for a delightful lunch served solo or with your choice of salad.


Dinner items dig eggs, too. The Southern Chicken Florentine from Glory Foods takes advantage of the egg’s yolk to produce a dish made with Glory Foods Seasoned Southern Style Turkey Flavored Collard Greens , mushrooms, garlic and fresh Parmesan that underscores the flavors of the greens and chicken.


Although adaptable and extraordinary regardless of where they may be, eggs are arguably best known for their sweet endings. The Fried Apple Cake from Glory Foods is a wonderful way to add some sweet goodness to any day. In addition to eggs, this cake gets its star power from Glory Foods Sweet Traditions Fried Apples. The canned apples are seasoned with sugar, brown sugar and secret spices. They make this cake stand layers above others.


So, get to cracking. Glory Foods will be in the kitchen with you.

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