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Mother’s Day Cooking Ideas

May 02, 2012

Many mothers spend the bulk of their time preparing mouth-watering meals for their families.

On Mother’s Day, why don’t you head to the kitchen and prepare lunch for mom?

It is an ideal time to prepare her a homemade meal and Glory Foods can help you out.

Since the flavor is already in the cans, creating aromatic and appetizing meals is a simple feat with Glory Foods.

An example of this is Shepherd’s Pie, prepared with Glory Foods Collard Greens, is yummy and hearty.

You can have lots of fun in the kitchen while browning the ground beef in a skillet and later layering the dish with Glory Foods Collard Greens, mashed potatoes and other recipe essentials.

Those scrumptious greens can also be used as key ingredient in Stuffed Flank Steak.

You’ll discover, when paired with your stuffing mix of choice, that this is a meal your mom will not soon forget.

If your mom prefers meatless meals, how about preparing her Glorified Veggie Chili?

The luscious lunch is made with Glory Foods Field Peas & Snaps, Glory Foods Pinto Beans and Glory Foods Great Northern Beans, as well as select seasonings and spices.

Other sure-to-please lunches include: Seasonably Seasoned Refried Black Bean Quesadillas; Sensibly Seasoned Refried Black Beans; and Mustard Greens with Fettuccine showcasing Glory Foods Mustard Greens, of course.

Or you can fool your mom into thinking both of you are culinary wonders bitten by a country-cooking bug.

Do you want to know how? Prepare smothered chicken, which edges out other similar recipes with its use of Glory Foods Chicken Seasoned Cooking Base.

Now after serving up lunch, your mom will no doubt be appreciative of a wonderful dessert.

Don’t worry. Glory Foods has got your back.

The No-Bake Sweet Potato Vanilla Wafer Pudding is lip-smacking good and is simple to prepare – only four ingredients are needed, including a 15-ounce can of Glory Foods Sweet Potato Casserole.

If you desire a more complex dessert that will highlight your finer cooking wizardry, Glory Foods can help.

Caramel Apple Upside Down Cupcakes incorporate the deliciousness of Glory Foods Fried Apples to make a neat dessert your mom will surely deem a knockout.

Actually, if you don’t mind Glory Foods coming into your kitchen, your mom will be impressed with the lunch from start to finish.

You, however, can take all the glory.

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