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Making Sauces The Glory Foods Way

March 28, 2013

Spaghetti would be plain without the punch of marinara or meat sauce, and an egg Benedict couldn’t be demurely bodacious without its veil of Hollandaise sauce. The epicurean reality is many of our meals would lose their delectable personality if not sauced.

The word “sauce” is derived from the Latin word “salus,” which means “salted.” The derivation is fitting since salt is one of the world’s oldest and most celebrated seasonings.


And sauces, like salt, certainly heighten the taste of our most succulent seafood, juiciest meats and exquisite vegetables.


Corn bread and green beans are just a couple of eats from Glory Foods that revel in the deliciousness that sauces bring.


Be they sweet or savory, sauces appreciate and celebrate the tantalizing offerings featured by Glory Foods.


Although our green beans are delicious all by themselves, they become even more glorious when tickled by tomato garlic sauce. The Glory Foods’ recipe for String Beans in Tomato Garlic Sauce is one that’s aromatic and delightful with every bite.


For dessert, don’t be surprised if your taste buds go berserk over the sublime goodness of Toasted Glory Foods Corn Bread with Warm Blueberry Sauce and Sour Cream. The burst of freshness from the blueberries and the cool smoothness of the sour cream perfect the down-home deliciousness only Southern corn bread can deliver.


Then, there are the quintessential sauces beloved and respected for their simplicity and fiery characteristics like the cherished standby of Hot Wings Sauce . Our passions are also intense for heartier sauces like salsas, including the Black-Eyed Peas and Mango Salsa  from Glory Foods that clings to crunchy tortilla chips and add zests to vegetables and salads.


We all know it. Sauce is boss.





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