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Introducing our New, Richer Southern Flavor

March 21, 2012

In 1992, we created the first Southern-style seasoned food products ever to be sold in stores. We wanted to bring to market real Southern foods, with all the traditional down-home spices we grew up with. Whether you lived in the south--or grew up and left--we wanted you to taste Home when you tasted our products, without having to spend all day at the hot stove. Helping families to make easy healthful, flavorful convenient meals continues to be the most important part of what we do.Being America's original Southern-style food brand and a small company comes with great responsibilities--our products have to be of the highest quality and the most authentic while being affordable for everyone. We also do our very best to respond to what our customers ask for, and our customers have consistently named flavor and taste as being their priorities when preparing meals. As an example, 72% of the parents who responded to a survey we took earlier this year said that flavor and taste were even more important than ease and convenience when preparing their family's lunches. Almost 90% responded that flavor and taste were the most important considerations in preparing their own meals.So, while we still can our foods in pretty much the same way our grandma's grandma did, back in the day (though she used canning jars, and we really need to use cans), we're always testing new combinations of spices and ingredients. We recently made a few changes that we think make our signature flavors even better. We've cut the required cooking time by nearly half, which helps to preserve flavor and saves energy--which is better for the planet--and we've added more savory seasonings. The result is a NEW, richer Southern flavor that we are very proud to introduce to our families and customers. This is a natural evolution of the products you love.In case you're wondering, our vegetables are still specially grown by the finest family farmers in the south. You can still count on us to harvest and cook our vegetables within 24 hours of harvest, using premium ingredients and traditional Southern seasonings. You'll notice our new richer flavor in our core lines of Seasoned Southern Greens and Seasoned Southern Peas and Beans, and in our Seasoned String Beans and  Seasoned String Beans With Potatoes.This Fall, we put our New, Richer Southern Flavor to the test with consumers and local chefs. We served our new products at the Southern Women’s Show events in Charlotte, Birmingham, Jacksonville, and Orlando, and we passed with flying colors. This holiday season, we've asked grocers at several locations to allow you to have a free taste of our new, enhanced products. We'll announce the schedule of tastings very soon.How will you know you've found our products with the new flavor? Well, they're already on the shelves. You'll continue to find our canned vegetables, cooking bases, hot sauces, and fresh vegetables at a variety of stores across the U.S., with more being added regularly. Look for us at your local grocers, such as BI-LO, Food Lion, Giant, Harris Teeter, Ingles, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly, Publix, Shoppers, Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, and Winn Dixie.Updated:  We're hosting 600 sampling events at grocery stores in our most popular cities, between November 6 and December 10.

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