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How Food Brings Everyone Together

Brad Gardner
November 21, 2017

Have you ever thought about how food brings people together? Though different backgrounds, beliefs, and personal opinions, people will always put their differences aside and take a seat at the table to enjoy one another’s company over food and drink. Now, the peace may not last forever, but for a brief moment in time when everyone is gathered around the table, peace will overcome all differences. 

A prime example of peace taking over the table is the “first Thanksgiving” meal between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. Before the Pilgrims came to the East Coast of the United States, the area was inhabited by many Native American tribes who have been there for over 12,000 years and knew the land well and had fished, hunted, and harvested for thousands of generations.

The Pilgrims who made up Plymouth Colony sought out a ‘New World’ and sailed over on “The Mayflower”. They traveled for 66 days and landed in what is now referred to as Cape Cod in Massachusetts due to windy conditions but were aiming for where New York City is located. 

As the Pilgrims were preparing for winter, they came across an Indian named Squanto. Squanto had experience dealing with other settlers and knew English. He visited the Pilgrims often and taught them how to live off the land. Soon after, an agreement was made between the Pilgrims and the Indians to protect each other in March of 1621.

That fall, the Pilgrims were hunting for the harvest celebration and the Wampanoag Indian leader, Massasoit, sent some men to hunt deer for the feast and for three days, the Pilgrims and the Indians, sat and ate together.

This Thanksgiving you may be at a table where you don’t get along great with everyone or you are with people from different backgrounds, from different countries, with different skin colors, whatever it may be, put your differences aside, take a seat and let peace come over the table, through the gift of food. We at Glory Foods recommend you try this recipe to help get everyone to the table and to have peace. This Apple Stuffed Pork Loin is a fan favorite and extremely juicy and delicious.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from Glory Foods!

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