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Glory Foods Helps Keep Your Kitchen Cool With No-Oven Meal Ideas

August 30, 2013

There are few things less appealing on a summer evening than working up a sweat in a sweltering kitchen. But rather than pulling out your stack of well-worn takeout menus one more time, why not consider letting Glory Foods help you get dinner on the table while keeping your kitchen cool?

One fantastic way to avoid heating up your kitchen is to heed the call of the grill. And don’t be afraid to add some flavor to your meats before they hit the charcoal. One delicious flavor booster is a savory marinade. Try tossing chicken breasts with our lemon herb marinade in the morning before work or even brining a whole bird if you have a little more time to cook your evening meal. You’ll love the succulent results.

To go with your grilled centerpiece, try a scoop of our brightly flavored Butter Bean Summer Salad on top of a bed of fresh salad greens—butter lettuce would be excellent. All you need now is a hunk of good crusty bread smeared with butter. It’s a pretty healthy meal considering how many times we used the word “butter” when describing it!

Another simple option takes greens and beans and turns them into a handheld meal’s key ingredient. Blend up some of our Veggie Green Dip—made from Great Northern Beans, Mixed Greens and Turnip Greens—and slather it inside a tortilla wrap or pita with lettuce, tomato, sliced cucumbers and onions and some cold cuts if you’re so inclined. Light, fresh and healthy with a kick from Glory Foods hot sauce!

Any and all of the above would be perfect served alongside a Quick Summer Slaw, one of the quintessential salads of summer that we actually love year-round. Our version gets extra depth of flavor from a tablespoon of Glory Foods Roasted Vegetable Cooking Base

With ideas like these and a little help from Glory Foods, there’s no reason to work up a sweat making dinner.

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