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Glory Foods Cultivates Canned Food Education at 14th annual Micki Zartman Scarlet & Gray Ag Day

April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012, Columbus, Ohio - Nearly 650 elementary students were given a crash course in the ABC’s of canning during Micki Zartman Scarlet & Gray Ag Day held Friday, April 27 at The Ohio State University.

The fourth and fifth graders – private, public and home-schooled – helped Glory Foods representatives fill cans, brine cans and witnessed the start of the cooking process involved in producing canned goods. The session, one of four hosted by Glory Foods, gave students a better idea of how food gets from the farm to the grocery shelves and then to the table.

“Our theme is, ‘Agriculture: Superheroes In Our Fields,’ and I think Glory Foods is truly one of our superheroes,” said Micki Zartman, Ag Day founder and the event’s co-adviser, along with Leslie Risch. “Glory Foods is producing quality food that is tasty, and that in itself is a great contribution because Glory Foods is helping people in society move toward a healthier diet.”

Risch said she believes the lessons students learned at Ag Day during the Glory Food sessions will linger longer with the young participants.

“I think one of the biggest takeaways will be that when they sit down and have dinner they will think about where their food comes from before it reaches the grocery stores,” Risch said. “They will understand that all these people have to come together to not only feed our communities but to feed the world.”

She added Glory Foods participation, along with that of other companies, gives students at The Ohio State University hands-on experience with leaders of the agricultural world.

Glory Foods is a customer of The Ohio State University’s Food Industries Center where the University operates a pilot plant where Glory tests product.

“We can’t thank the leaders of The Food Industries Center enough for allowing the students to experience the canning process in a real-world plant setting,” said Dan Charna, vice president of operations for Glory Foods.

In addition the hands-on canning workshop, Glory Foods also donated green beans for Kid Packs. Packaged with the help of Ag Day students, each food package has enough nutritious food to feed a family of four. Each Kid Pack will be distributed through the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

“Glory Foods is proud to be a part of an event that strengthens the future of agriculture by educating elementary students about its diverse aspects, while giving college students real-life experience with agricultural professionals,’’ Charna said. “We hope this is the beginning of a lifelong relationship with the Micki Zartman  Scarlet & Gray Ag Day. Together, we can heighten interest among younger generations about the importance and vastness of agriculture and all it entails.”

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