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Easter and Glory Foods

March 27, 2012

It’s hard to believe, but Easter is right around the corner!

This year, in addition to dressing up in your new spring outfit and searching for colorful eggs, you will probably sit down to a good home cooked meal. And it may be hard to appreciate when you have visions of chocolate covered bunnies or marshmallow shaped chicks.

But, did you know Easter foods hold just as symbolic meaning as the holiday itself?

The meanings behind Easter foods have evolved over time, but at the root of it all is fellowship.

There are traditional foods associated with Easter. In Europe, it’s the time to start eating the season's new lamb. Easter breads, cakes, and biscuits are also a major category of Easter foods.

Also popular among Americans on Easter is ham, because the pig is considered a symbol of luck. Eggs are a symbol of fertility and new beginnings. The tradition of dying eggs in bright colors goes back to the Middle Ages to represent the spring sunlight.

No matter the country or food traditions involved, one thing’s for certain. If you’re cooking with Glory Foods, Easter dinner is going to be great!

So to ensure your Easter dinner this year is remembered for years to come, we’ve included some Easter recipes that incorporate some Glory goodies! 

Also, make sure to let us know your favorite Easter foods that incorporate Glory!

4 Easy Easter Recipes:

Smothered Chicken Breast

Scalloped Turnips and Ham

Hot Water Cornbread

Honey Carrot Bread

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