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Cooking With Herbs The Glory Foods Way

April 29, 2013

Herbs are friends to food, but they are fans of Glory Foods.


Garlic loves dancing with recipes made with our Glory Foods Seasoned Southern Style Green Beans. Our Seasoned Southern Style Honey Carrots easily partner with parsley. Thyme knows exactly how to have a good time with Sensibly Seasoned Black-Eyed Peas.


No matter the herb, there is a product from Glory Foods willing to be its friend.


And spring offers us fresh herbs we often enjoy growing in our gardens, including basil, lavender, cilantro, mint, parsley and thyme.


Basil, bold and distinctive, can be added to a variety of stir-fries, like basil-fried rice to accompany your favorite Glory Foods vegetables added such as cabbage or Seasoned Southern Style Skillet Corn.


Herbs are also wholesome. The aforementioned basil, for example, has vitamin K, iron, calcium, vitamin A, fiber and other nutrients.


Other herbs are more popular because of their smells. Lavender has a breezy, fragrance that scents our linens, soaps and perfumes. When used in baked goods, lavender brings an exotic appeal to down-home must-haves such as corn bread, corn muffins, cookies and other oven creations.


Cilantro is another herb people adore. It can be found in an array of recipes, including Glory Foods Sensibly Seasoned Black Bean Hummus, Avocado Black-Eyed Pea Salsa and BBQ Pulled Chicken Burritos with Glory Foods Black Beans and Warm Glory Foods Skillet Corn Salsa.


Mint, like cilantro, is pleased by whatever pleases it, and apples are perfect matches for mint. Glory Foods Fried Apples , for example, will mingle with mint in ice creams, pies and cakes.


Unlike its stronger contemporaries such as basil, parsley can be added to most foods, except sweets. Its subtle, nondescript flavor is ideal in virtually any recipe and can also be used as a garnish that instantly makes meals fancy presentations.


Thyme usually spends more time hanging out with fish, poultry, beef and shellfish, but vegetables, including mustard greens, are smitten with thyme, too.


Herbs, no matter which ones you pick, add dimension and diversity to food in ways that are wonderful.



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