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Celebrating those who have changed the way we eat!

March 21, 2012

Black History Month originally began as a special week by African American historian Dr. Carter G. Woodson. The celebration was extended to the entire month of February in 1976 and has every year since been declared Black History Month.The celebration of Black History Month wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some of the most notable African Americans in U.S. history, including: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; Frederick Douglass; Harriet Tubman; Rosa Parks; Ida B Wells; and Booker T. Washington.We at Glory Foods wanted to take this time to recognize a few famous African Americans who have made an impact in the food industry.A very notable name in food, George Washington Carver, was one of America’s preeminent scientists, who revolutionized the southern agricultural economy by discovering 300 uses for the peanut and hundreds more uses for soybeans, pecans and sweet potatoes. One of the most noteworthy facts about Carver is that he never patented nor profited from many of his discoveries, saying “God gave them to me, how can I sell them to someone else?”Another famous name in food is George Crum, who is widely credited as the inventor of the potato chip. The son of an African-American father and a Native American mother, Crum was working as the chef at a Sarasota Springs resort in the summer of 1853 when he accidentally invented the crispy potato snack as a result of an extremely fussy customer who complained that his French fries were too thick. Crum never patented or attempted to widely distribute his potato chips. Nevertheless, they eventually claimed their place as one of the world’s most beloved snack foods.Lastly, our list wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging William F. “Bill” Williams, the man behind Glory Foods. The story begins in 1989, when Williams launched Glory Foods along, with his three partners, Dan Charna, Iris Cooper and Garth Henley. Ever since, Glory Foods has become synonymous with quality, convenience and flavorful Southern-style vegetables.Throughout our history, Glory Foods’ goal has been to become the leading supplier of authentically soulful, southern-style products and help establish traditions that can be passed down from generation to generation. As Mr. Williams was known to say, “Glory Foods is our way of inviting America back to the dinner table.”

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