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Canned Vegetables Nutrition: The Cans of Canned Food

March 06, 2013

Canned food better retains its nutritional value than its fresh or frozen counterparts. Additionally, canned food keeps its nutrients up to two years for three key reasons – the steel cans are completely sealed, the food within those cans is cooked, and the food is stored in a vacuum according to the Canned Food Alliance.


In a study at Cornell University, it was confirmed that the high-heat temperatures used briefly during the canning process improves the nutrient content of asparagus, carrots, corn, green beans, spinach and tomatoes. Glory Foods Seasoned Southern Style Honey Carrots, for example, has 90 percent of your daily allowance for vitamin A.


But that’s not all. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, canned carrots, corn, pumpkin and tomatoes are rich in antioxidants.


Canned vegetables have flavor and nutrition locked in because they are harvested at their peak and canned in a timely fashion. Vegetables canned for Glory Foods Seasoned Southern Style and Sensibly Seasoned products are typically canned within 18 hours of harvest. Plus, canned foods don’t need preservatives because of the canning process. Many people don’t realize the food is cooked in the can. The cooking process of canning kills microorganisms.


In addition to providing taste and nutrition, canned food, more than any other kinds of package food, is easily prepared. Because the canned food is precooked, it just needs to be reheated or it can be enjoyed straight from the can.


Canned food is also more affordable than other types of packaged food and more easily accessed, regardless of where you live around the country.


And guess what else? Canned food is good for the environment, with steel cans being the nation’s most recycled food container. Plus, the steel cans, like the ones used by Glory Foods, can be recycled repeatedly without losing strength or quality.


Canned food is fabulous. So if you haven’t already, open yourself up to the nutritious, delicious, convenient and cash-friendly character of canned food.


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