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A Northerner’s Introduction to Southern Collard Greens

June 06, 2012

Most people who live in the south have eaten collard greens, cooked collard greens, or attempted both.  Our friends from the northern states are not as familiar with this delicious and nutritious vegetable.  So when they are first introduced it is typically a love or hate relationship.  The key is cooking them just right, and if you want to ease into this feat, Glory Foods canned collard greens are the perfect solution.  If you are daring though, cooking them fresh takes patience and finesse. 

Ashley, from Buffalo, NY had just moved to Myrtle Beach and was introduced to collards almost the moment she arrived.  Her boyfriends aunt was born and raised in the south and wanted Ashley to learn how to cook collard greens, the “southern way”.  Ashley had no idea what collards even were, but decided to try her hand at learning.  Aunt B. took Ashley to the grocery store and had her pick out some fresh collards and fat back.  They purchased all the necessary ingredients and went home.  Aunt B. showed her how to pull apart the collards, get rid of the stems, and wash them thoroughly in preparation for cooking.  She then told her how to slow cook them with a large portion of the fat back and add seasonings to get them just right.  After what seemed like forever, they were ready to eat.  Ashley was pleasantly surprised at how good they were and how much she liked this “foreign” southern food.   She says that she won’t make them again from scratch but eats Glory Foods seasoned canned collard greens all the time!    

Southern cooking and southern style greens are a way of life down here and no table is complete with them.  Make your life and your meals even easier with a little help from the great products from Glory Foods.


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